Thursday, 12 February 2009

Secrets to cope.


Today, at almost the five week mark of reasonably sleepless nights and overworked body from all the workout I do to forget about it? 

I don't have a secret today. I alternate between manic depression and manic happiness, so here is what I'm begging YOU to tell ME today:

Can you give me a secret to cope? 



Heidi the Hick said...

Oh honey, I wish I knew. Let's make a deal: whichever one of us figures it out, tells the other, okay?

Hang in there, and believe me when I tell you tht you're awesome.

JKB said...


And I heart you too. :)

pseudosu said...

Ok, this is out there, but just to shake things up a little, how about water? Is there a pool anywhere you could hit? The Earth is about 70% water-- We are about 70% water... Sometimes a little swim, literally submerging yourself in another environment, helps to jog something loose. After-- def do a sauna or hot tub. ;) Hang in there.

Heidi the Hick said...

Ooo- hot tub!

I do have another solution but it would be costly and difficult...

We should all be in the same room. We could all cry on each other's shoulders and commiserate and encourage and all that stuff.

And just have a big old mutual admiration thing.

Until then this will have to do it this way in the comment section...

Kerri said...

Lots of love.

marsh to the fore said...

Get away from whatever you're doing. Take one day off from work. Maybe two. Maybe three--both of you! Call in sick!

Take a walk in the woods. Let some of that special German air fill your lungs. You and Soren find an airplane going to those woods and go there. Hey, so it's winter. So it's cold. It'll be cheaper.

Heidi the Hick said...

You okay?

Damn this is a hard week!

JKB said...

HeidiTH - the all getting together thing is a goood idea. Preferably with lots of horses and unspoiled land for riding.

Marsh, I'm trying to get away, only I can' I'm getting away in my head. Disassociative disorder, here I come!

Ker, yeah, I have that one. it's a good one.

I'm doing better. This has been a shizzy week, and I'm glad it's friday!