Thursday, 26 February 2009

Secrets to cope.




marsh to the fore said...

Oh you devil! How about chocolate muffins? Wendy and Theo made those two days ago. YUM.

pseudosu said...

You must be a little bit evil, which is fine btw, but yesterday when I was at the store I kept thinking about you and your powdered doughnut thing and it totally made me want one. They don't sell ONE, they sell giant tubs of them. Feeling a piety and irritating smugness that totally reminded my of my Lutheran upbringing, I successfully exited the store sans doughnuts. I should have lost 5 lbs just for the restraint involved!

But I feel a major incident building up yo.

Heidi the Hick said...

Okay so how about jelly donuts? or is that way over the top?

What about boston cream?

OO apple fritters?

cindy said...

omg. the powdered munchkins (not my boy, but the little round donuts) are a personal favorite. *hugs* and /bootay shake! and *dust****happy weekend!