Saturday, 21 February 2009

The subbing process just became damn easy.

Why, you ask? 

It's no secret that the submissions process (as well as the agent process!!) is a long arduous trek of nasty, stink filled rejection. 



In the midst of my long, hard slog, I just got a present. Today, I mean. Or yesterday. I'm all a'flutter, now that I got 'em. 

Let me back up. 

You see, I've lived in Germany now six years, almost seven. So like technically, 6.5 years. And I've gotten really good at some things: making jambalaya, and Mexican, and Spanish *from scratch*, hunting down Doritoes, finding oreos, and a couple little other things. (funnily, these are all food related. I don't know what that says about me. BUT ANYWAY). 

But never once in all my like six years here have I had a powdered donut. And in University, when I was particularly poor, I'd drink a ginger ale and eat powdered donuts for supper, so I have a sentimental attachment to them. 

And I mourned them precious, I did. 

Enter Twitter, where I tweeted (so funny) about my luuuuurve of powdered donuts. (The Little Debbie feed followed me afterwards. True story.) And then enter Facebook, where one of my most darlingest, wonderfulest, perfectest old sorority friends from 'back in the day' emailed me. She said the ten best words in the world to me. 

Jen hon, I'm going to send you some powdered donuts. 

(Actually? I think she used my maiden name, Sheik, as you know I was all popular and shiz and had a nickname.)

(But I digress.)

(Dana, I HEART YOU!)

First Blue cat and Black cat watched me have hysterics, dancing through the kitchen. Terrified but hungry, Blue cat came forward to investigate. 

He came closer. (Sorry the pictures are a biiiit blurry, I was defending my food.)

Then Black cat had to come check it out, fighting the Blue cat away from the bag. 

You know what I'm going to use these FABULOUS DONUTS for? (First we had to taste-test them. I had four, and the boys shared one. I am happy to report they are a hit). 


That's right. Every rejection will garner me a donut, the amount rising in scale to my level of desperate depression. 

Isn't that great! So I basically just posted a two page long ditty to my new rejection comfort food, DONUTS.

I wubs you, precious, I wubs you awwot. 

OH and big nice thing !! Black cat and Blue cat will have a special interview on Monday! 

-- stay tuned -- 


Stephen Parrish said...

Help me out. I found Doritoes---Globus has them, although I don't care for types they carry.

I used to get Oreo Cookies from WalMart, until they closed. Now I don't know where to find them.

I used to get pickle relish from WalMart too, which I use a lot (in homemade dressings, for instance). Do you know anyone who sells it?

Orville Reddenbacher popcorn?

Stovetop stuffing?

JKB said...

Steve, I can help you out. Karstadt up here has a gourmet (haha) foods section that carries lots of American foods, including popcorn and oreos, but up here we have the Edeka which also starts to carry both Doritoes and oreos.

I know I can get you pickle relish and stovetop at the american store here in I need to send you a care packet ? ROFL

Let me know.

Stephen Parrish said...

I have an Edeka in my town, but they don't carry Doritoes and Oreos. Sniff.

The American store? You mean on a military base? You have logistical support? Sniff?

Kerri said...

I may not share your love for them, but I'm happy that you're happy ;o)

pseudosu said...

Your obsession gave me a dream of eating an entire tub of doughnut holes in one sitting. Woke up w/ powdered sugar all ovah mah afce-- not really.