Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Tuesday Goals post.

Hey all! 

In the spirit of accountability, I have a confession to make: I have been BAD. 

My good friend gave me her MS to read through (on it's final pass! Before it goes to the agent!) and she also gave me The Hunger Games. (BAD FRIEND). 

So instead of actually writing, I was reading. Although it was mad good. :) So here's my wrapup: 

- Got 5k of words. I'm up to 17,700. It is really powerful tho, and I know *exactly* where I'm going, so that is satisfying
- Got 4 pics in. That is good
- Didn't pay. Bad me. Will do that this week. 
- Read book. 

So here's what I'll do this week. 

- Write 5k of words. I'll be reading/critiquing quite a bit this week so won't have so much time to write.
- Hand-draw some ideas P sent over. 
- Pay the NF info request 
- Write a bio for the NF and get bio from friend for NF
- Do my exercise every day (and I've been doing very good with this! YAY!)

Those are mine. What are yours?


marsh to the fore said...

I'm thinking what a good idea it is to write down what you're going to do--somewhere. A blog is a good place because it's so in your face!

How about working in a little rest in all that activity? I think I will try your approach as it m i g h t m a k e m e m o v e.

JKB said...

I think it's a good idea, marsh. I'll go over to your blog and comment on it. MUST DO IT.


Patti said...

Lists are good, I just have to remember not to make them too long.

jessie said...

Hunger Games just arrived in the mail. Afraid to start it because I know I won't be able to stop and then so much for my lists.