Thursday, 26 March 2009

Good luck to all!

So one of my blog buddies (and CP) is going with her husband to the Junos. 

The JUNOS. He's like a rockstar, srsly. 

So I'd like you all, just to sit back a second and send him some 'winning' vibes. You know? I'm talking to you. 

And I'm off for the surgery preparations, so I'll be back atcha *hopefully* on Monday. 



Heidi the Hick said...

Ha! In some parts of blog-world, we are world famous, hee hee hee!

He'd groan at being called a rockstar. You know what's funny? Twenty years ago he wanted to make rock records. He wanted to be the engineer who made the band sound massive. Now?

He's making very phosisticated jazz records with female singers.

The ladies love him!

(as do I)

Thanks for the winning vibes, m'love, and I promise I will be sending you healing vibes.

Heidi said...

kinda cool we're cool by association, eh? :)

I'll be thinking about you today and this weekend, and hoping all goes well for you. painless, successful, and full of chocolate and powdered donut on the other side! :)

hugs to you!