Tuesday, 24 March 2009

I've got ants in my pants...

...for many reasons. 

Not least of which that I have a surgery on Friday. 

Let's get this straight. 

I don't like blades, and I don't like blood, and I don't like when these two things coincide on my body. This is not a fun thing. 

So likely I'll not do a lot of much next week...but I thought about doing this. What do you think?

LURKER week. 

Isn't that great? If you comment on my blog next week, I'm going to feature you on a blog post, and comment on your blog, and all that jazz. I've been trying to make a valiant effort to comment on the people's blogs I frequent (but lurk on) and I thought hey, let's make it official!

So let's all get to know one another, mmmkay? 

And if you're in on LURKER week (it sounds like zombies are coming over for dinner, lulz), put it on your blog, and tell me! We'll ALL get in on the fun!


Heidi said...

hmm... I'm not much of a lurker on your blog. Does that mean I have to come out of lurking on someone else's blog?

I will put you on my blog though! That gives me one thing to write about next week!

And good luck on that surgery. It's times like that aren't you glad you're not a character in someone else's book? Cause then they'd have to write complications! As it is, I know yours will go smoothly!

Patti said...

I'm in. Lurk on.
Great post with your agent. Good luck on the surgery.

pseudosu said...

OOooo, bb-- sending you quick painless recovery vibes. i have such a big mouth I'm not much of a lurker. I'm just so busy I can't get to as many blogs as I want!

Alex Moore said...

perfect idea...lurker :P um okay. i'm in. and best of luck w/ the surgery and all.

JKB said...


Yeah Heidi, it means you have to delurk yourself (sounds like you have lice, hehe) on another's blog. I'm sure you can do it!

I know I'm guilty of it. So next week I'll comment on one new blog a day. Or maybe more. Depending on where I'm at with the MS.


Anonymous said...

Morning, sweetie. Surgery. I'll be thinking of you!