Monday, 30 March 2009

Lurker Week Day 1**

So Hi! 

Let's start off with a little quiz:
Blogging (IMO) is a natural form of networking; insofar as you find other blogs that seem to resonate with you, share your goals, make you laugh...I know that as a writer I mark and visit blogs of writer buddies, blogs of writers that have 'made it' (as I consider it 'made') and I like to visit them to see how they're's almost like pre-testing a friend. 

You know, read it for a long while, then make a comment and see if they comment back, start a conversation...I think a blog is an essential part of my being a writer and a networker. 

What's your thought? 

I'm doing this lurker thing for a reason. I know people check my blog daily, but don't leave a commet. *waves at lurkers* I love you. I really do. 

What I want to try and figure out is what makes a lurker a lurker. What turns a person from a lurker to a commenter, and starts that conversation. I must admit, in my current painful state it's what I can concentrate on and so I'm *so* on it. 

What do you think makes a lurker a lurker? What do you wait for, before you comment on somebody? (That'll be tomorrow's topic, but I'm still interested today)

** I'm likely hurting right now and I've set these blogs up to post automatically. Just so you know.


Alexander Field said...

I admit, I have lurked before without commenting. I'm sure we all have, but as i voted above, if there isn't a post of interest, I leave pretty quickly. So...there it is! : )

Benjamin Stürmer said...

I feel like the Internet is already 99% useless crap that noone wants to read, and I feel like it's my duty as a responsible netizen not to contribute to the pile. So unless I have something to say that I feel contributes to the conversation, I generally won't leave a comment. That means that there are some blogs, like political policy or news blogs, where I generally don't know enough to contribute and thus very rarely if ever leave a comment unless I have a question that the combined powers of Google and Wikipedia are unable to answer.

Blogs of friends, like this one, I will generally comment on from time to time just to say hi, or when a conversation (like this one) starts that I'd like to participate in. Otherwise I generally limit my comments to times I feel I can contribute positively to the conversation. The only blogs I can think of that I frequently comment on are ones that occasionally post content from Germany or Japan, where I can make myself useful to the community by providing a quick translation.

So to quickly summarize, if I've got something to contribute, I do. Otherwise I just hang out.

pseudosu said...

I think people mainly comment if they're seeking that connectivity you spoke of-- otherwise they're just killing time. I've had people tell me they don't comment if they can't think of anything witty enough, like they feel their comment needs to be entertaining or informative or it's pointless.

Funny, never stops me. ;)

JKB said...

Yes but Alexander, it's how I find all my best blogs. I have saved yours, man. Thanks for coming by!

Benni, I know what you mean, and I know I'm a lurker too. Just this week, I don't want to be one. It's like lurker appreciation week around here.

Sue, I would expect your comments all the time. Like you said, I comment whether witty or not on the blogs I like. Maybe it just takes awhile to get to the point where you like a blog? *ponders*

Patti said...

Sometimes I just can't think of anything to say but I'm still reading.

JenWriter said...

I visit a lot of blogs every day and hardly ever comment. I think it's because I usually feel I don't have anything useful to add to the conversation, haha.

Peter said...

I love to comment on other people's blogs.. for better or for worse.. and always have.. I don't always get responses back.. but it doesn't stop me from commenting again.. maybe I'm just nosey.. :)