Monday, 16 March 2009

My library...

...or, well, part of it. 

That is like one of the main reasons I want to live in England. You know, own me a castle *snort* and have one room that is the 'reading room'. Or, to be even more quaint, paint it a particular color (like RED) and then put the white bookshelves in there and then call it the "Peppermint room". 

Or something of the sort. 

To make this excessively long rambly post have a point, I herewith present, with much ado, my bookshelf. I was tagged a long time ago, and my brain promptly went foggy, and I forgot. But I have remembered! 

And thus: 

My bookshelf. It is bad I have not done it before, and these aren't all of them. But it's some! I want a whole room full of bookshelves but have not yet talked the hubsy into it. 


Heidi said...

Did you see the movie A Series of Unfortunate Events? THATS the library I want!!

These, however, are very cool! I love the ivy hanging down, too!

Patti said...

I wish I had room to have a book collection like that.

marsh to the fore said...

Amazing bookshelves and I love your collection of things you love. We just got our first orchid, which I will guard very carefully. Obviously a special flower!

Sunday's Pearl said...

I ♥ it! I need bookshelves...I spend $45/month for a storage facility to hold my books.
I'm so glad I found your site- the reviews are my favorite.

Alex Moore said...

oh this is awesome...i'm showing your pics to hubby now, so that he can build or buy or somehow create some like it ;) the boxes of books worked for awhile, but we've lived her for four years now!!!