Monday, 9 March 2009

Note to self.

Dearest, most loveliest self. 

I appreciate the fact that you have a rich and varied set of ideas. But we kind of had planned on starting Shad after Jakob was finished, you know? 

Bringing me another idea, even though valued, does not help my mental status right now. Neither does poor Molly (the new idea) giving me information on what happens for, exactly. 

I am in the middle of a writeoff here, people. So I would kindly ask you to please decide amongst yourselves who is going to be after Jakob and leave me the shiz out of it. 


With love, 



Patti said...

I kind of like the name Molly

Kerri said...

I adore Jakob, but I'm looking forward to meeting Miss Molly.

marsh to the fore said...

When you wake up tomorrow morning the first name you think of--Shad or Molly--will be the one you write about. He or she will have been lurking in your subconscious.

pseudosu said...

sharpest elbows usually wins.

jessie said...

I think the best thing to do when a new idea shows itself uninvited is to sit down and write the character dead. Then they have to shut up.