Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Positivity Week - with an ironic twinge

What, you ask, is PW with an ironic twinge? 

That swishing sound you hear is the thumping of the thermometer to check my temperature. Yep, hubsie has graciously shared his icky sickness with me. 

The positive? He has taken care of me since the onset like a frakkin' champ. A champ, I tell you. He's cooked, and cleaned, and cuddled kittehs, and just generally won the Hubsie of the Decade Award *HDA(tm)*

The negative? Well, there's a little more to that but we're ignoring it, right? Suffice to say that I'm working on some nice interviews, unfortunately dr thinks I have to stay home this week but Do Not Despair!! - I shall still make my deadlines, because that's just how I roll, bb. 

So this time the day job is covered.. Thankfully. 

How are you all doin'?


Kerri said...

Listen to your doctor. I know you're not good at following orders ;o)

Heidi said...

Fate has a funny sense of humor, eh? Just when you decide to be all positive, it says, "Oh yeah? How hard you willing to try?"

It didn't know you had such an awesome husband!

**blowing raspberries at fate's effort to sabotage PW****