Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Tuesday goals post.

Well, well...well....

I didn't do much last week, to be honest. I couldn't find it in my heart. I did think alot about Jakob, and what to do next, and I wrote until I got to a pivotal scene, then I got sidetracked by RL and couldn't do it. 

I'm finding this week much, much better. Aaaaand so I've decided to up the crazy insanity in my life. I mean, isn't that just how I work? You all know me by now. :) 

By my reckonings, I'm 1/3 done with FS (YAY!) And I figure I could round this draft out at 60k. I've got 21k, so I've decided to hook up my ovaries and do a: 

40k in 40 days

: personal contest. I even think it's possible. Which would *finally* get this draft done (in my defense, I went back and rewrote the entire beeyotch, and think the first- ahem, second- draft is much better now) and then I could take a break for a moment. 

Anybody in? I'm feeling pretty good this week. Here's hoping for good news! 


Heidi the Hick said...

I'm up for good news in any form, so bring it!

pseudosu said...

I'm confident you can do it! Bust out the girlhone`s.

Kerri said...

Go Jen! If you can lose 15 lbs in a month, you can write 40k words in 40 days.

marsh to the fore said...

You'll do it. Not only will you do it, the writing will make you jump up and down in glee.

I too am waiting for good new!

Heidi said...

Way to be motivated! You can do this!

I'm setting a goal for this month I'll post on my blog later today (if I get around to it!). I'm not sure I can do 40,000 in 40 days.. I'm thinking maybe 20,000 in 30. The beginning is always such a slow starter for me.

I'm sure your new revised one is awesome! I can't wait to read it.

(the verification words is things.... your blog is the only one I actually get real words on... things... what could that mean?)