Thursday, 2 April 2009

Day 4: Pokey pokey.

Because I'm nosy. 

Annnnnnd I think that a good way to tell things about a person is to ask what and how they read. In the spirit of fairness, I'll list mine first. 

I follow 150 blogs daily. 
- This does not include newspapers, magazines or journals. 

My blogs are split up into
- Agents (Agents and Publishing house blogs, including Galleycat, that sort of thing) 
- Friends (Other writers who I like to follow.)
- Other ("outside" blogs, like horse blogs, religion blogs, etc. My well-rounded overview, hehe)

I follow and read from GoogleReader. This is a handy little thing (if you have a googlemail) that pops up the new posts, you can either click on the All items link, or go down through the list on the left hand corner...I have them all in one place. I like that. 

If I read a post that sounds good, I immediately click through and comment. I know that if I wait I won't do it. 

I have a waiting list to get onto my googlereader. Interesting blogs I find, that I haven't decided make it into the list. I have those saved under my bookmarks, and check them everyday. If they continue the goodness, I'll add them.  

I know I've added Patti and Sue this way, and I've not regretted a moment of it. Again, from them commenting on my blog and my going and commenting on theirs. Starting the conversation. 

I comment on probably 8 blogs a day. My 'regulars' from my writing group, other writers I'm developing a relationship with and/or mentoring, and just fun ones. 

So another quiz! 


Patti said...

I have a boring job so I mostly read and post on the days that I'm working. Most of the ones I follow are on mine and once in awhile I'll look up somebody new. I just started this in January so it's all new to me but I agree it is a great networking tool.

Diane Gallant said...

150? Holy cow! That's a lotta blogs! I "follow" probably 2 dozen regularly, but I only comment if I have something meaningful to say. I don't consider myself a lurker, though - because, as I said, I'll make a comment if I have one. If I have to "thrash around" in my mind looking for something to say, it's probably not worth reading.