Thursday, 9 April 2009

Favourite things...

...because I can't be arsed to write a big post when 

a) today I have my last doctor appt with the surgeon, and I hopefully will be approved to work next week! 


b) book is going MAD GOOD

I present you with a list of my Favourite things (thanks, Kerri, for the idea! ETA: I'll just give four. Because evidently I have a lot of favourite things)


- Pan's Labyrinth. 
   What is not to like about this movie? No sugar coating. And I am convinced the Pan in this    
   movie is the coolest character I have ever seen online. Ever. 

- Lawrence of Arabia
   The sweeping-ness of it. Just made of pure awesome. Plus I love the background story, and
   when I was a kid I wanted to become a Bedouin. (That, or a pirate.)

- Gone with the Wind
   Also, sweeping. But I like Scarlett quite a bit. She's a fighter, that one. 

- Amelie
   French films in general are pretty fly, but this one just takes the cake. Pure sweetness, every 

I tried books, but had massive fail. I can't go down to just four. 

So I'll do authors. I love these for the purity of language in their writing...I really appreciate where they are coming from. And they inspire me. 

- Wilson Rawls
- Ursula le Guin
- Diana Gabaldon
- CS Lewis


ORION said...

This was SO not a whine...

JKB said...

XOXO You just say that 'cause I am your biggest fan.


sunna said...

I LOVE LeGuin. Authors with anthro backgrounds always get me, for some reason.