Tuesday, 28 April 2009

I never realized it, but a conversation in my writing group the other day really brought a point home for me.

You know, once you get an agent, you're not home free. You're better off, yeah, and the agent will do the selling, but just remember. You're still going to need to:

- Have what the agent needs/wants for submissions - like different synops sizes, character arcs, what have you - ready when they need it.
- write a next book your agent likes. They very well might not like what you write next, and it depends on agent to agent as to their style about that. As in : some agents say, write what you want to write and show me after, others want approval of stories before you go in. Make sure you check which yours is...
- decide what to do. If your agent doesn't like it, what do you do? Trunk it? Go straight to the next one? Try to find a publisher yourself? Make sure you've checked with them about what they want beforehand.
- catch that publisher. Sure, it only takes one, but sometimes it takes a while before you get to that one. Don't whine! You're farther along than many; just go on with what you're writing and try to forget about it.

Don't get me wrong. I am totally happy about where I'm at, lovin' (even when it's stressful) the process, really. I've gotten more zen. I'd just like to help you past that point of "I got the AGENT! Publication is ASSURED!" part that I seemed to go through. :)

Keep it up, and see you tomorrow.
ETA: ZOMG! I totally forgot! Head on over to Alex and Cindy, and wish them luck! Today is release day for the both of them!


Kerri said...

You said it sistah! It's hard work and I've even heard from established authors the pressure only increases after you've published. This isn't a profession for the weak of heart.

marsh to the fore said...

Good thoughts here, Jen, both for you and Kerri and the rest of the group. It really shows this publishing game doesn't stop when you get an agent.

Have either you or Kerri had the impression that you'll be called on to do publicity when your books get published? I think that's probably the norm now.

pseudosu said...

Good info for us un rep'd writers still struggling to get to the ledge you guys are perched on. Good post.

Patti said...

So you're telling me that it never ends.

Okay maybe I'm alright with that.

JKB said...

Kerri, yep. :)

Marsh, yeah, it's a fact of life now. The more marketing savvy you are, the better.

Pseu, it's just a matter of time, bb. It'll happen.

Patti, it never ends, but at least you get further along. :)

Heidi said...

Oh Jen, I hope I never gave the impression that I thought you'd have it made, or that a writer wouldn't have to work as hard after signing with an agent.

I think it does get harder, and the expectations go up after the first book is published. I think it's a never ending road.

What I meant was that I am so tired of the query thing - about hearing how to write them and hearing what not to do, and compiling agent names and reading blog after blog on it. I'm just tired of queries. I guess I just wish I were done with that hurdle and on to another.

Not that it gets easier. It's just a different hurdle. And I'm ready for different.

(hilariously, the word verification is SINED...)

JKB said...

No, you didn't, Heidi, not at all!

The only reason I really posted it was that I read it on a couple other blogs the same day, and it was like a lightbulb went off in my brain..."Oh man, now isn't this interesting.

I know you are. And you'll be so grand. It's just around the corner, I know it.