Monday, 20 April 2009


I'm baaack!

And while I'm not done, I'm practically there. Had to get through the sloggy bits last week (aka, the middle) and now I'm on the home stretch - I'd guess there are about three chapters left. 

So what I'm going to do at this point is write down my plan for the next couple weeks, in order that I can track myself properly and keep track. 

Monday and Tuesday I'll finish FS up. That will be a super cool thing. I have a doc in my book that is simply labelled TO DO. The rest of the week I'll fix those glaring errors that I put in that TO DO folder, and by next Sunday, I'll be done with the first (well, technically the 2.5 edition, that's what I'll call it!) of FS. 

So FS 2.5. 

That will be so great. 

Next on the list? 

The NF. I've been working with my co-author (she of the massive platform) to get things done but it's been really slow b/c of her life situation, my life situation and the MS That Would Not End (FS2.5). Now that I have some time, I fully plan on working out that proposal and getting it fleshed together, with the intent to have it in a first draft stage by May Day (the 1st of May.) 

Theoretically, I want to make the first change/edit to FS2.5 on the 30 of April...a very important day in the MS. It's a day called Walpurgisnacht, or Witches Night, and, just for this book, I would start the first chapter then. Or *some* edit. Just to have began it. :) 

So...I'm back! I'll have a couple scheduled posts until Wednesday then it's back real time! 


Patti said...

You're an inspiration.

JKB said...

No way, man. I'm nothing but another person.

One that *unlike you* doesn't have any kids except two hairless demanding cats and a husband in another city all week. I can afford to really concentrate on my writing right now, that's all I'm doing.

*YOU* are my inspiration. The kids, the soccer, still writing...I'm on your side totally. You are my hero. :)

pseudosu said...

woot you! I do that-- the list thing when I'm really whizzing along. Helps keep the momentum going.