Saturday, 2 May 2009

Editing...getting back to normal...

I'm giving myself nine weeks for revisions for FS...I laid out my overall plan for what would happen to the revisions in a prior post. But I think it's safe to say that I'll do the revisions as I did with P, but only a little different. 

With PS I had a clear overview of what needed to happen, and how to get there. I made the changes day by day, giving myself 1 day for every chapter, then a week to read it over/get beta feedback. 

With FS I think it's going to be more of a drop cookie method. I know where things need to change mostly, so I'll go through the electronic file and drop my cookies (better than throwing cookies, heh) where the cookies need to land within the MS. Then I'll go back through and do the tuning, then the fine tuning. I think this one is larger on revisions that PS was, and I blame that on the voice. I only really nailed it about halfway through. 

I also slacked off on my exercising. I need to pick that back up again rather heavily...there is no excuse when I'm in revisions and it's light outside until 9 pm. So no more whining, missy. I'm on it. 

But the nice thing was a new idea hit me, one full of sparkle and joy. I'm so happy about it. The working title? Polo Grrl. 


And you? Where are you at in your process right now?

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