Monday, 11 May 2009

Goodbye, cruel world!



...Ha ha, had you going there, didn't I?

Actually, I'm doing better than I ever expected. The new MS (PoloGRRL) is writing itself. And after the toothpulling that was FS, it is such a *welcome* change, you know? This one I know the plot, I know what'll happen and who's in it, but still I'm having such a great time with it and still learning new things about the book...I adore it.

The reason for this post is my darling Possum Summer.

Some of you know I'm on sub with it, and things are going great. As great as they can in the present book publishing world, you know?

But I wasn't appreciating the stress that came with submitting. Wondering if you'd sell after a day. Or over a weekend. Everywhere you read you'll come across some writer that's sold after like 24 hours!! Or something like that.

I read a great post by a fellow writer, Maggie, that started me thinking. Basically the jist of her post was, why are you comparing yourself to other writers? That way is only pain, and only anger, and bewilderment. Exactly what you don't need in order to make a good writing career.
You need that positivity, that belief in yourself. And envy and despair doesn't do anything for anybody. Least of all yourself.

This kind of put into words a feeling I'd been having for awhile. I don't like to compare myself to people, you know? And when I read this, a little spark went off in my mind and I thought, 'Exactly. NO POINT.' I stopped worrying and this *really helped*. Really did.

I've also realized this past couple weeks that I can handle the sub process. If I don't check my email every minute, nobody dies. If I don't hear from my wonderful, most perfectest agent every day, the sky has not fallen.

So goodbye, my little PS. I love you, and didn't someone famous once say if you love something, set it free? I'm setting you free to make your sub journey, and focusing on the next ones coming up. Forester's Son needs revisions, PoloGRRL needs written (like this is going to be hard!). My feeble brain is overloaded with ideas, and it's going to be one of them published, even if it kills me. :)

Be well, me hearty!

*Turns to look towards PoloGRRL* I've also been thinking about the larger subject of positivity in writing, but that'll be a post for another day.


Heidi said...

Excellent point! every book is different, every journey different. No point in comparing. As Perry says, we all get to the same place... some just get there sooner than others. :)

Friday I was looking up one of the agents that still has my full and discovered another author whose book just debuted this week had her query rejected by him. For some reason this gave me such a good outlook. Agents and editors alike: what one doesn't like, another one may.

Your time will come with PS. But I'm so glad you're excited about moving on, too.

Patti said...

Great advice, I'm actually looking forward to setting mine free.

Heidi the Hick said...

You are brave and wise!

It's gonna happen, we don't know when or how, but it will.

marsh to the fore said...

Jen, you said such important things in this post; the one I find myself taking the most to heart was how you had to let Possum Summer go, thinking when I'm in this position with a book that's what I'll remember.

In another post you said you got Possum ready to go out there in the world the very best way you knew how, perhaps preparing yourself for just this part of the journey. Now it's time to take on other books--other journeys.

We at Four Corners are very lucky to have you!