Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Hi everyone! As today is a good buddy of mine's release day, I wanted to feature her here on the blog, with a little of her worldbuilding thrown in for starters! 

Welcome to Aprilynne Pike, who's debut WINGS will debut...well...today! 

HI APRILYNNE!!! So, today is the day. Anything exciting planned for today, your Release Day?

Ironically, I am in Phoenix today. The city I will be living in in a month. That in and of itself is cause for celebration! Most of my schedule is dictated by my publisher today, however, I couldn't be happier with it! I going to have a nice breakfast that ignores my usual dietary restrictions *wink* and then me and a media escort will be driving around Phoenix signing stock. Which means that I get to go to TONS of stores and see MY book on their shelves!!! How freakin' awesome is that?!?!? Oh, also, I get to see my new house for the first time and go shoe shopping. Yay for release day!!!;)
Who's more excited, do you think, about the release? How does it feel?

Me. Definitely me. No one in the whole world is more excited than me.:D It feels quite surreal. I have seen my book on a couple of shelves over the last week and even got to sign stock at Borders the other day, but floor displays have a strict start and end date so I won't get to see my first one till today. I am REALLY looking forward to that! It also feels weird. For the last eighteen months I have been telling people when my book is going to come out . . . now I will always--for the rest of my life--get to tell people about a book that is already out!!
What did you do for promotions heading up to this monumental day? (PS, guys, she's on twitter!)

I have really worked on my online presence, but I have to tell you, it's as much for social reasons as promotional. I LOVE my online friends!! Probably the biggest thing I'm doing online is my DebsTour. The Debs at www.feastofawesome.com have all gotten together to blog tour each other. That means that throughout the year I will be spotlighting about 30 books on my blog and for the thirty or so days after today, I will be spotlighted on someone else's blog. It has been SO fun!! 
So, as a girl that's on sub to one that is fabulously successful, how did you get through it? Any tips?

Patience and flexibility. And more patience. Did I mention patience? Every lead debut looks like an overnight success. I mean, they wrote a book, a publisher bought it, put tons of promotion behind it and they all lived happily ever after, right??!?!?! Not really. I wrote three and a half books before I even started Wings. I had a failed agented novel, and had been with said agent for almost a year without even a single nibble. What you see on the shelves today represents YEARS of work and patience. It's worth it though! I would encourage any author who really wants it, to keep working. Keep trying. All you can do is make the next book better, tighter, smoother. And hopefully it will be the book that clicks. But if not . . . write another one. A better one. You can do it! (Seriously, if *I* can do it, YOU can do it!!;))
I heard you're moving! Congratulations! This won't change any pub dates, right? ;)

NO, NO, NO!!! Luckily, I cyber-commute, so I can work from anywhere without interrupting my schedule. I am in my second round of revisions on the sequel and it is right on schedule! I will be writing the third book in the next six months and it is firmly wedged in it's timeslot too. Don't worry about that!
I read somewhere that you started off with the mythology. How did you flesh that out in your second and third books? Do you haev a notebook?

I don't have a notebook. This probably sounds awful, but I keep it all in my head. Don't ask me to remember your name ten seconds after I meet you, but I can recite hours of facts about the WINGS world to you at the snap of a finger. This doesn't work for a lot of authors, but it does for me. I literally have whole scenes from books three and four written out in my head . . . and have for over a year! (I'm anxious to get them out and on paper, but I am a bit OCD about writing chronologically, so those scenes must wait.) 

It was actually a bit difficult to flesh out  my mythos in book two. The first sixty pages were almost completely world building when I turned in my draft of book two, and my editor asked for more, more, more! So in my first round of revisions I added forty MORE pages of world building and I really had to dig deep into my well of creativity to get all of the world building in there and still make it interesting (I hope!). So that really was one of the biggest challenges of book two. Book three?? Well, I'll tackle that this summer.:) 
How do you correlate changes in your mythology as you get farther in the books?

Is it weird of me to say that there really aren't changes? My mythos and story line have been very conrete since I first got under contract to do the series. The basics don't change. However, because there was so much world-building in book two, I did run into one problem. Without realizing it, *possible teeny spoilers* I was using the same word for germinating faeries, as newly "born" faeries. That created a lot of confusion for my editor. So when I realized what I was doing (Duh!) I had to assign a new word to one of those stages. In order to decide which, I had to re-read WINGS to make sure I had not ALSO double used the word in there, and which stage I had specifically mentioned before I could figure out how to rename them in book two. (Wow, that looks really convoluted . . . .) So yes, matching books one and two can be a challenge in terms of all the nitpicky details.
When is the follow up to Wings scheduled to be out?

Next May! Every May for the next three years!

Thanks, Aprilynne! Here's hoping Wings is everything all crazy good!

Thanks so much Jen!!!


Patti said...

Great interview. I've already read the book and it's great, can't wait for all the world building in the second one.

JKB said...

Oh, me neither. Aprilynne is just the sweetest person ever.


marsh to the fore said...

It's marvelous you have this interview here. She gave some really interesting insights to anyone contemplating trying to get a book out there in the market. Great Jen!

Heidi said...

Yay Aprilynne!! Congrats!!

I always love to hear debut authors. The enthusiasm is contagious!

And I love to hear about the ones that didn't just happen overnight (although I love those too!). As someone who's written two books and still trying to find my place, it's heartening to hear about those of you who kept at it, and finally made it.

Again, Congrats!! I hope the day was as awesome as you dreamed!