Tuesday, 19 May 2009

How driving on an autobahn is like writing

Since I spent about 15 hours Saturday in a car, driving, I thought I'd point out certain unique driving conditions/things about driving in Germany to entertain you, and link them to writing things, to entertain me. 

  1. Enter the autobahn at full speed. Do not slow, do not stop, be brave and do it. (I pin this to the Write what you love and it will happen. If you try to force it, you're just shooting yourself in the foot.)
  2. Always signal. (When you have people passing you in the left lane - well, passing isn't really what they're doing when they fly past going 100 mph - you really really want to signal before you change. I think this this is equal to knowing what you want to write, and then writing it. In some people's cases, they want to switch genres, and sometimes I think they need to really think about it and ask other people for their opinions before they do it.)
  3. Stay in the right lane *always* unless you're going to pass. (See above.)
  4. Do not flip off other drivers.  (Don't say things about other writers anywhere public, where it could ever be eventually given. It's not nice and certainly not constructive.)
  5. Stop at a highway stop if you're tired. (Take a break and step awayyyy from the computer every once in awhile. Trust me - it's fun!)
  6. Don't eat the highway stop food if you can help it. (I can't actually find something to tie this to, it's just a warning for you. ROFL)
  7. Sometimes you have to fake it to get into the left lane. (Changing POV? Wondering if what you're writing will 'work'? Try it and see...otherwise you'll never know.)
  8. If you're stuck in a stau (traffic jam), just coast it. You aren't going anywhere anyways. (Take the speed of your writing as the speed it needs to be. Forcing or relaxing too much, it just doesn't do any good for anybody.)
Don't forget - Thursday's the day! Come by with your party hat on!


Heidi said...

Oh! This is the best post I've read in a while! This is awesome!! :)

Patti said...

I've driven in Germany, everything you say is true. My sister lived in Dusseldorf for three years. Is it true if you flip someone off they can report you to the police and you'll get a ticket.