Monday, 25 May 2009

Monday Rambles...

...I cut my finger, and I have a double ear infection. I'm okay, though grumpy from the headache and pressure.

...I got to 15k on PoloGRRL this weekend. As a certain agent says, 'I'm channeling it.' I think she's right.

...This week we have release at work so probably (unfortunately?) my posting might be spotty. Have to make sure the thing works, you know.

...It is official. I do so detest word. :(

And that is all. Cheers!


Patti said...

Hope you feel better soon and 15K is great, keep going.

AutumnZ said...

Jen, here is the link to my friend's thoughts on expectaions. I am fortunate enough to have this guy at Nestlewood on a regular basis; he is Chris' best friend.