Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Show and Tell day

In honor of my new book, which I can't seem to stop obsessively writing, I wanted to look back in my own personal horse history. Heidi's making me envious of her present riding abilities (stop by her blog and wish her luck for her Riding Teacher's test!) so I had to get on mine. I've been a slacker. 

But thankfully, my new MS puts me right back in the middle of horse land, and I'm really happy about that. I thought I'd share some of the more memorable horses I've been around most recently. (Please forgive the fact that these pictures unfortunately include my face in them. I have some pathological thing about having my face on the internet, but this one time won't hurt anybody. I guess.)

First up: Did you know the Kentucky Horse Park has an equine management program? And you work with their mustangs in the park there, learning all sorts of stuff? You have an in with the barns around if you finished the degree, so of course I had to go do it. 

This is Smokey, a former wild and crazy mustang. He didn't like anybody until I discovered he was a sucker for sweet feed nibbles. From there on, there was no stopping us. He learned to nod, bow, shake his hoof and shake his head. He was a brilliant little thing. 

Next is back in Oklahoma, after I'd joined the polo team. This is Gitana, a TB off the track, who didn't really like the polo. I retrained her for cross-country, and her owner eventually sold her for eventing. Last I heard, she was doing great. 

This was my darling horse Africa (Lucy), who I finally managed to buy. She was also an off the track TB, but a monster (like 16.2 hands and still growing) and I adored her. We did dressage and when I left Oklahoma I sold her to a lady that wanted to get her approved through the Hanoverian society to breed. And she was.

And here is one of my favourite pics, another off the track TBer, but as chill as the day was long. Her name is Roulette, and she is, actually, in my book as one of the horses. Man she was a polo horse that was just TOP. TOP. I loved her. 

I do discover that most of the real exciting horse stuff I remember is related to the polo and that time. Also most of the horses I remember most fondly were also from that time. Guess it makes sense that I'd write a book about it.

(All the more reason, I guess, to be excited that I've found a real, live polo club in Berlin. I'm so there, bbs!)


Heidi said...

Those epics are so awesome... especially that last one! How cool that you and Heidi have that in common. I know almost nothing about horses, but I enjoying seeing the passion you two have for them.

And I think being able to write about things we love is one of the best parts of writing. It's like getting to live the life we really want to be living sometimes.

Heidi said...

I meant pics... as in pictures! Gaaa! I can't even blame it on the ipod this time.

sue laybourn said...

Nice to put a face to the name at last!
Polo player! I am in awe! *genuflects*

I miss being around horses, especially racehorses. :(

Kerri said...

So relevant. Like Marsh's pic better. Red hair suits you.

Patti said...

One of the first things I heard is to write what you know and it looks like you really horses.

Heidi the Hick said...

LOVE the show and tell! You got the eye for a horse, lady. That last horse is a stunner. Actually that picture is altogether cool!

I've never played polo. i wonder if I could stay on...

Writing can be such a good excuse to remember these good times and sort of live it over again.

You're so accomplished! And thanks for the good wishes!

JKB said...

Heidi - Thanks! This one is very dear to my heart, which is probably why it's flying so quickly past. But I don't mind it. I like a quick book!

Hey Sue! I know, I miss me some racehorses, but's the most fun on a horse you can have. Period. (No need to genuflect. LOL)

Kerri, I'm trying to grow my hair out, and I wonder if it would look good. You tempt me.

Patti...I know and love them. I adore them. This is the most fun book to write evar.

Heidi, you could stay on. Actually, it's a lot of fun and not as dangerous as people think. Of course it's dangerous, but the fun outweighs the danger. Does that make sense?

pseudosu said...

OMFG-- You are a SUPAH star! Love the pics. Man, polo-- so darey! Woot! I hope hope hope you get on another team and can post videos & pics. So cool-- and the new book idea is gold man-- pure gold.

JKB said...

See, Sue? We could totally be daredevils togethah! :)))))

And I <3 u for the comment on my new MS, bb. Hope you're still up for reading it!

marsh to the fore said...

I absolutely love love love the pictures! I knew you were heavy into some horse stuff but didn't know exactly what so it was fantastic to come across this!