Tuesday, 12 May 2009


...it's official now.

We're moving to Berlin.

*pauses for cheering to stop*

Don't panic. This won't change the way I feel about you. :) It just means that for the next six months, I'll be coming at you with some live 'cop-a-feels' of rooms we're looking at here. For fun, right? To give you an idea.

I never realized what all went into a room search in another country before I got here. But man. It's a mess. And this time, we're going to use a moving company *REAL CHEERING HERE* which means I need to get my butt on a room search.

But here's one I find particularly pretty, and the hubs is going by to see it today...after his meetings in the city are done.

Isn't it PRETTEH? I like odd things about rooms, but in Berlin you have the opportunity to have (more than in many other cities in Germany):
  • 'Altbau' : which means an old house, built before the 70's...so complete with high ceilings, mouldings, and beautiful floors
  • Which deserve a mention all their own. What I'm finding is herringbone-patterened wood flooring, which makes me nuts. I love it.
  • Old heating/'artistic' rooms: Rooms in Germany come (normally) unrenovated. Which means the person before just moved out. You're responsible for painting, etc etc etc and normally here you have to bring your own kitchen. Because they don't provide you one.

Otherwise, things are going great with the new MS. I'm averaging about 2k a day, which with the time I have is mad good. I have the feeling this book might be done before I even get the revisions for FS done, and really, I'm okay with it. Reactions are (so far) *overwhelmingly* positive. And I like that.

So back to the room search! And writing! And working! And exercising! *whew*


Benjamin Stürmer said...

Congratulations on your move! I would love to live in Berlin. I know from my own experience what a pain it is to move into a new apartment in Germany, I hope the process treats you well!

To pick a minor nit, Altbau actually usually refers to buildings put up before the war. My apartment is from 1959, and it's already not Altbau in style at all. Which has its plus points - we don't pay to heat a hundred sixty cubic meters of air that we'd need a trampoline to enjoy :).

Keep up the good work with your writing! I'm super excited to buy your first book and rush to Berlin for an autograph!

Also, I don't suppose you're planning on leaving your electric piano behind and getting a nice shiny new one in Berlin? I've got nothing but a crummy old keyboard in my apartment and am having a hard time finding a decent used one...

Benjamin Stürmer said...

Oh! And I forgot to say! It has a bathtub! Take it!

JKB said...

Hey Benjamin,

Well, I heard something different about the altbau, but it's all good, right? I am just not impressed with the cuts of many, and my natural pickiness precludes many others based off the pictures they post in teh intarwebs. Which is shallow, but still.

'Fraid the piano comes with us, buddy. ;) You might check some of the music shops around here tho, they do have a selection.

And thanks for the well wishes on my writing. :) Hope you're holding up well?

Heidi the Hick said...

Love it! Love the floor, love the huge windows, love the black and white bathroom! Love the kinderzimmer. That's a word I'm going to try to use in daily conversation now.

Plus one of the ads at the side used the word "Schleppen" and that sounds so right to me. Schlep was a very well used word in my childhood of 90% English, 10% Pennsylvania dutch!

marsh to the fore said...

Kinderzimmer? Love that word! I'll have to go back in and find out what it means.

Love the rest of the apartment. Also, doesn't this one come with a kitchen? The bathtub is gorgeous.

Amazing the amount of words you manage every day!

Peter said...

Yeah, I've heard that moving in
Europe is a little different than moving in the US... I had even heard about the kitchen! But the places must be amazing.. so much history! Good luck with that!