Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Feeling pretty okay today, my darlings!


I'm ONE-THIRD finished with PoloGRRL! This one I love, love, love. It's starting to get pretty complicated, and I don't think Meg is gonna like what she finds out, but hey, it's life man!

Aaaaand I think I'm suitably distanced enough from Forester's Son to begin editing. So I did, and I'm two chapters in. Much to my amazement, it does not suck.

So it's a pretty good day! Where are you in yours?


Kerri said...

First chapter finished. No news from editors. Everything is very quiet. Not sure if that's a good thing.

strugglingwriter said...

I'm doing much better today. My writing critique group liked my Chapter 2 and I feel a bit more energized about it.


Heidi said...

I'd say no sucking is a very good thing! :) Of course, we told you that a long time ago!

I'm thrilled that you are zipping along, and finding writing fun instead of wallowing in the waiting. I know that still must be agonizing at times.

I am wallowing. And writing. And preparing for New York. Trying to get 15,000 done before the kids let out for summer.

marsh to the fore said...

It's now 12:17 AM. Hubby due in maybe an hour. Know I won't sleep until he's home safe so I'm writing.

I had an absolutely fabulous day working on one blog or the other (I presently have three). Tomorrow I write!

Jen, you sound like you're on a roll!