Monday, 8 June 2009

Packing week.

Hi guys!

How was your weekend? 

Pretty good over here. We've found a mover, signed on the dotted line, made the appointment to go and pick up the keys/take over the room, set up the internet (V.Important!!) and I've managed to locate a kitchen guy. This kitchen guy will set up our present kitchen in the new house, as I'm sure I've told you (I have, haven't I???) that flats in Germany come...empty. Like totally empty. 

So this is all good. 

I have also edited 2 chapters of The Forester's Son, and am more than 1/3 done (but less than 1/2 done) with PoloGRRL. The judge (aka the agent) will then decide which she wants to see first, so in that way, all that lovely editing for both will be on hold until she decides. She knows best. 

This week and the next couple weeks might be a little crazy around here at CasaBlom, so I might not be posting every day. We're packing intensely this entire week and weekend and will be in Berlin lots the upcoming weeks. The moving day is the 27th, which is really starting to wear me down. 

The stress, it's eatin' meh. 




Merrilee said...

Try to enjoy it, and I hope the judge is enthusiastic about the revisions!

Kerri said...

*sniff* I'm not sad at all. *wipes at tears* It's great you've got all that done. *sobs* I'm so happy for you. Soon you'll be in Berlin. *runs away from reality*

JKB said...

Thanks, Merrilee! I hope so too! ACK

Kerri, it's only 4 hours away. *lol* I'm sure you and Max will be coming to visit right? (And Holger too of course)

Patti said...

Take a deep breath, and relax. Good luck with the move and writing.

Heidi the Hick said...

You're going to be okay. I know how stressful moving is... oh do I know it... but for all the hassle, there's the excitement of the new home.

and super-agent will love both books and boy will she have a hard time deciding!!!