Thursday, 11 June 2009

Sekrit #2 : After-agent angst

Or, as I'm wont to call it, 'AAA, dammit.'

What exactly is this phenomenon? Let me illustrate.

You've done your homework, written your query, decided on an agent and you're subbing. This is exceptionally good, no? Farther than many you know. So you try to keep your trap shut and think happy thoughts -

- for the *first five days*

Then angst starts to set in. Your agent is super cool - she/he checks up on you, RTs you (if appropriate), is so fantastically's just insane. And then. AND THEN.

The guilt slips in.

with every next email you send out you proceed to become more and more glum. I mean look, your agent is busting her/his rear to get your book published, you're working on the next one, but whenever you email them, you're taking up their valuable time. And you don't have anything to show them for it. You're not making them money, right now, you're a hindrance, not a help. It's that first little bit inbetween signing with them and signing with your pub.

I hate it, but I'm having AAA at present, eh. I'm trying to circumvent this horrible feeling by keeping to myself, writing (furiously) the next book, and thinking happy thoughts. Happy thoughts.

Though sometimes they sneak in.


Merrilee said...

Writing and happy thoughts, writing and happy thoughts.

A great mantra for life in general :)

Patti said...

Just keep writing, just keep writing. Sometimes it works not to think about anything at all.

Heidi said...

You have to remember though that your agent will make money on you, and that may depend upon your relationship and communication now, when she isn't.

She wants you to be her client. She likes you and your writing.

You both took a gamble on each other. You're both in the same boat, hoping for the same thing. Don't make yourself the lesser person in the equation.

And all the same, do keep writing. And do keep happy thoughts. :)

Heidi the Hick said...

Yeah, what Heidi said!

Brit said...

What those Heidi's said! : )

I honestly couldn't have said it better.

pseudosu said...

Uh- yeah! Heidi, will you be my mentor? Great words of wisdom!

JKB said...


Thanks guys, you do make me feel much better!

Maureen McGowan said...

Hello, my name is Maureen and I have AAA, too. :-)

Breathe, just breathe.

JKB said...

Jeez, we should start a support group.


Heidi said...

ooh! there is one!

It's the June 10th post I think. (Shelli sent me the link)