Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Warning - Do Not Read if Hungry!

I'm kind of a foodie sort of person. As in, I love talking about it, eating it, making it and everything. I don't like the calories involved and how they attach to me in unhappy ways, but still. I'm lucky enough to have an agent that shares the same sort of fixations *coughcough* that I do, chief amoung them food. We talk about food all the time. Or lots of the time. 

So this blog post is dedicated to her - 

I have to level with you - when I first came here I had *no* idea of the sorts of things that Germans ate. I mean, besides for bratwurst and french fries (called pommes over here) I always thought French had the line on pastry stuff, and Austria for the sweet bits. 

But it just ain't so. 

There are entire lovely shops dedicated to the fine art of the cake, and entire shops dedicated to the fine art of bread. Sometimes these shops merge together in a lovely puff of powdered sugar. 

I love bread, but before I came here (again) I thought there was just white bread in the world. 

Not so. 

This is our nice bakery down the street. I particularly picked this one to use as my argument for 'Hey, these Germans know how to throw down some sugar' because of their great food mix and the fact they make it all themselves. 

To whit: 

First off, they provide cute little forms that you can use to cook with. 

The forms on the left my hubs used to make this awesome little tart: 

He beat up some creme until it was fluffy, threw in some strawberries (that we purchased from a local strawberry farm), a little vanilla and some pistachio nuts and viola. 

I swear to you, I was dancing with delight when I ate one of these babies. They didn't last long. 


Here you can get specific amounts of bread, if you're just a little hungry or old or infirm or whatever. They have a slicer which would slice it for you or you can have it entire and unsliced. Please note that this is only a paltry selection of their breads, but I love looking at all the wheaty goodness whenever I go past. 

In the front-right part of the bakery, you've got the 'handyables' - i.e., the pastries the bread ladies can stick in a small paper bag for you and you can take on your way. 

For instance, the Berliners: 
These are puffy dough with either pudding or jam-filled insides. They are crazy, and a nom-worthy tradition on some days. (I believe New Years Day.) You've got other easy carry bits as well: 

Then we come to the cakes. This place has mad awesome cakes. I cannot tell a lie. The kid (son of the baker) became a baker himself and pops shoved him all over Germany and I believe even France? Anyways, he makes scrumptious cakes, and again, you can buy in bulk (as in the entire cake) or slices: 

Then you have the little individual slices, which are quite yum. In summer of course you have lots of pastry bottoms with fresh fruits put on top...these are very refreshing, and take up a lot of space at the shop: 

Then you have your normal cream-filled bits. OMG the pounds I could really put on here:

So that's it!

Now, when are you coming to visit!! :)


pseudosu said...

As I suspected this "foreign food" would not satisfy my unsophisticated american palate. Too much whipped cream and friut, not enough chocolate or sugar encrusted nuts etc.
Srsly- looks good. No wonder we all have to keep running huh?

Heidi said...

German and Austrian bakeries are sinful!! I think bread was about all I ate when I went to Austria a few years ago. I don't remember so much when I lived there, but my memories from visiting were of amazing bread shops. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

These photos are awesome. And it appears that your hubs is quite the chef! :)

Ello said...

I tried to lick my screen and now my screen is all cruddy and my tongue is covered in dust particles. Thanks a lot... grrrrr.

Patti said...

Now i'm hungry. When I was in Germany visiting my sister I was amazed by the pastry shops. I wanted to try everything.

JKB said...

Oh Pseu, don't despair. I left out the chocolate cake...and so many chocolate things too...divine...nom nom nom

Heidi, he's pretty good. The Baker of the family, you know. :)

Ello, now you know how I feel when you post about Korean food. *drools*

Patti, next time you come let me know! We can go on an eating tour. :)))

marsh to the fore said...

I am right with Ello. Oh I am so hungry. Cut me a slice of EACH and send them my way.

Anonymous said...

Any of these would make a lovely screen-saver!


JKB said...

Marsh, just get to berlin, k? I'll do all the rest. :)

Marlene, the moment I figure out how to get these in the post without them going bad, well, you'll have some.

*Flails like fangrrl*

AutumnZ said...

Have mercy, won't you?

cindy said...

one word : stollen. can't wait till it's holiday time again!!