Friday, 24 July 2009

General Randomosity or Happy Friday

We're finally settling into the new flat, and starting to get some kind of schedule. Thank goodness.

I've found a polo club and after three aborted attempts to get out there, I'm going on Sunday. Which will be good for my mental health, I think.

Today's Friday, which is a really good thing but it causes me to wonder: what the heck happened to the LAST WEEK. Was I in a time warp? Because first thing I know, it's Monday and now BOOM Friday. Insane.

My cat Blue's still sick, but getting slowly better. I hate feeling very helpless and I always do when one of the boys is sick. I hate that.

I have a backpack to go food shopping now. Like a good little Berliner, I pack it all in and get on the bus to go home. For some reason this is the quinessential city thing I never thought I'd do. I mean, a backpack.

Book is going well! I'm at about 42k, with the highest word count being 55 to end. I think I'll be done before then, and I did manage to work out the rest of the book til the end yesterday. So ... it goes pretty well.

Gosh this was random. How YOU doin'????


Merrilee said...

Wow, you play polo? I am awed.

Brit said...

This is a nice little update on your corner of the world!

Cool! Have fun playing Polo.

Heidi Willis said...

That's so AWESOME that you found a polo club there!! Have a fantastic time!!

So glad Blue Kitty is doing better. Slow but steady...

I totally know what you mean about the week disappearing. I think this whole summer is a time warp!

Heidi Yantzi said...

Time warp no kidding! I want to hear about polo next week. You really do need that!