Monday, 13 July 2009

How YOU Doin'?

Well, we got the Leipzig house moved up on the weekend. And it gave me a chance to feel like a trucker, as I was the designated driver for the Mercedes Sprint truck we rented for the move.

Now there are lots of boxes in my flat again, all of which need to be unpacked as well as new furniture we need to find a home for. It's a constant shuffle.

And that's how I'm feeling with my writing right now, too. Reading through, editing a little of the last page I've written before going onward with the book, reading over The Forester's Son and thinking about what I'll do to make this book more marketable. I.E., sellable.

I think I have an idea but it will require a basic rewrite of the book. I think I'm up to it, but I've got to finish the rough draft of the PoloGRRL book first before seriously thinking about it.

I'm even keeping up (mostly) with my word count goal, although I'm not sweating it if I don't get much in. I'm going for quality over quantity right now, and I think I'm succeeding.

So how are YOU doin' with your writing?


Merrilee said...

I was going really well on a nice little fantasy short, but small man had a bad day today, so WC = 0 :)

Patti said...

Right now I'm looking at quantity not as much quality. I feel I just need to get the story on the page. Plus I'm always in editing mode and I'm getting sick of it.

Heidi said...

I think you're amazing. You can do anything. Really.

I've given up word counts for other things this week. The interview with Dave Cullen took massive time chunks when I would otherwise have been writing. And I'm doing some researching too.

It's all part of the process, though.

Heidi the Hick said...

Me? Not nearly enough!!!

Must have been fun driving that Sprinter, eh?

JKB said...

Merrilee, you know, the little man comes first. I'm pretty positive you'll make up for it.

Patti, I read your post from yesterday (?) and I agree. Pure editing mode is just no fun, and I find it's difficult to concentrate.

Heidi W, process. Exactly. Although I don't know about that amazing part. :)

HeidiTH, I loved it! I had to climb up into the cab, it was almost like driving a horse van!