Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Never give up, never surrender.

I know it's insane.

I know.

But I'm setting myself a goal.

I reckon I've got about 20k left to do on PG before the first draft is finished.

Next month I'll have been here seven years. On the 6th I'll have been married for five.

August is a big month.

So I'm a-gonna set myself a goal. As I said.

First draft of PoloGRRL - done by the 15th of August.

I won't do it unless I write it down here, so here's looking at you, kids.

The 15th. Mark it.

Anybody else in?


Merrilee said...

I'll be watching and cheering, Jen! You go :)

Janna Qualman said...

That's a great goal, and you can do it!

I do need to set myself one as well - but it's the sticking to it I find difficult. ;)

Maybe I'll just shoot for 20k words by August 15th, too. Let's do this!

JKB said...

YAY JAnna!!!

Let's do it!

Merrilee, you wimp, come on and join the party!

pseudosu said...

I LOVE your new pad bb! Spectacu-mundo! Good luck with your goal. You're amazing-- I know you'll power through. :)

Brit said...

You write fast, furious and flawlessly.

I'm still working on my 30K by September 1. How far am I? I'm too ashamed to say. :(

marsh to the fore said...

I may join this crazy game after Nicholas Maxwell is born and I've done my one week stint babysitting.