Tuesday, 7 July 2009

A tour.

Yoda-cat, get up!

*clears throat*

Hi guys! Welcome to my house! Ignore the cats snoring in the bed, I want to take you through and give you a quick looksee.

Yoda has now gotten his rear end up and is happy to lead the way as I show you through the house.

The living room is, I think, my favourite room. Did I mention that this is the first house I've ever lived in where I feel like a normal-heighted person? For a 6'1" behemoth, this is a very. nice. thing.

Anyways, I dig that all the rooms' ceilings are bordered in stucco patterns. And they are so tall.
Yoda wants me to point out that he can reach the top of the bookcase from the back of the sofa. He does not answer when I ask why this is important.

We have a little balcony that faces out to our quiet street. The altbaus here (old houses) have double-windowed windows. By this I mean they have two sets, with a small space in between. It's how they did insulation in the old days.

Isn't that neat?

(Don't worry, they've stuck enough real-time insulation around it to not have to worry in winter.

Yoda wants to go outside too.

Here are our little plants on the balcony, and ...

A nice view of our quiet little street. The "Sauertz" store is a flower shop. Isn't that nice, how things work out?

I love flower shops.
So when you come in, here's the view from the office.

Such a nice office.
Again, the patterns just tear me up. I love it. I feel like I'm living in some crazy castle dream.

We have two long hallways that the boyz have decided are their Kitteh Raceways. Let me tell you, Daytona has *nothing* on two cats who are busy chasing each other up and down.

Yoda would *again* like me to point out to you that if he gets to the top of the cat tree, he can be closer to the ceiling than me.

Um, big whoop.

Ah, the pretteh patterns.

Berlin has a large number of altbau houses...and generally (according to the gossip we got here once we settled) the first floor room to the front was very 'pimp'. As in fancy to the max, so people from the street could see it.

They can't see my door handles, though, all of which are like this.


Here's part of the kitchen. The other part has my drying clothes in it, and I don't think you want to see it.

But aren't my orchids nice? They all align on one window and are blooming like mad. They like it too!
And that's it. Yoda is very. tired. from. his. host. duties.

I'm going to make sure to take my camera with me so I can get some street life, and whatnot. You guys interested in that?

Berlin is the PLACE TO BE, bbs, of this I am certain! I love my room, and I love me some Berlin!


Merrilee said...

It looks beautiful Jen! And please thank Yoda for the lovely tour ;)

Kerri said...

The best part about living in Europe. Thanks for reminding me how lucky we are.

It's beautiful and elegant. Congrats on pulling it all together.

Stephen Parrish said...

Berlin is one of the most (underrated) exotic places in the world.

JKB said...

Merrilee, Yoda is very proud of his host abilities. I think they leave something to be desired. :)

Kerri and Stephen, we are very lucky to be living here. It is so true.

Heidi said...

Yay for photos!!!

What an incredible place!! I love your view, and the kitchen is awesome, and the floors and moldings are gorgeous, and those handles?? To die for!!

I am so happy for you! Someday I am going to come and visit and see it in person. Will the cats give me the royal tour again?

Heidi Yantzi said...

It's gorgeous! (When I have high speed internet again, I can see ALL the pictures!) I love old houses so much. That detail and character is hard to find these days. don't I sound like a grumpy oldster...

Patti said...

Looks like a grat place and such detail.

Peter said...

wow.. now I know I really need to move overseas.. :)