Monday, 17 August 2009

4k to go

I'm almost done with this WIP!


And it's good. I got a glimpse of how it ends last night and I was pretty stoked, up this morning at 7 writing. So things appear to be back to normal.

I plan to finish within the next two weeks (if that) and then edit Forester's Son while I wait for a bit to give it some space. Then when done editing Forester's Son (or let's see how long I can wait) I'll go through and update PG.

And then its off to beta readers, more editing, et al.

But still, such a good feeling! Hoorah!!


Brit said...

WOO-HOO!!!! Go girl! I cannot wait until I reach that point, of being done, or almost so.

JKB said...

LOL I heard tell you don't have that far to go!

I am cheering for you TOO!!!

Brit said...

I have more than 4K left, that's for sure! Thanks.

Also, I have recognized you on my blog today! Kreativ Blogger Award.

JKB said...


That is so awesome! Now I have to go check it out - and Brit, THANKS! :-))

notenoughwords said...

Go you! Great to see that you have your groove back :D

Ooh, word verification: rumstosh. Could do with some of that!

Heidi Willis said...

You blow me away.

I grovel at your feet.

JKB said...

Merrilee, I'm with you. *clinks glass*

Heidi, LOL!! It is I that grove at YOUR feet!