Saturday, 15 August 2009

The community of you and me

I'm a total lurker in most places. I admit it. I love sneaking in, taking a look at what somebody is doing, and sometimes leaving a comment.

I have a question.

My brain is foggy so I'll get around to it.

But look, my traffic to this blog lately has just exploded. *waves to all the new readers*.

You know what I'd really, really love?

And this is the question. I mean, that was the question, right above this paragraph of two sentences.

Whereever you're at, whatever you're doing, leave me a comment on this post. Let me know where you're from. What you're doing - you writing? Editing? Thinking? Procrastinating? Leave me your blog address. I find the best blogs that way.

Would you? Do it? For me?

(If it helps, I'll pull out the big guns. Would you do it for my kid? So I can have new blogs to read, new friends to meet so he/she gets lots of happy hormones as he/she is baking?)

Huh? How about it?


AutumnZ said...

I am hardly a new reader, but what I am doing right now is listening to me children play Mario Cart on Wii, looking at my dog asleep in floor beside me and contemplating "The Vampire Lestat", which I just finished.

JKB said...

I loved that book. And nope, we've known each other a darn long time, huh? How's the new job?

(I love reading your blog, so HA HA HA!)

Anne said...

Well you asked, so here goes. Just came upstairs to catch up on blogs after an afternoon of reading and falling asleep on our sunny terrace.

Now, once the hubs decides he's ready to go out, we're off to drinks and probably a light dinner at the restaurant around the corner.

Have a fun day in Berlin.

pseudosu said...

I'm no lurker. :) You know me-- but at the moment I'm about to partake of deep dish spinach and garlic pizza, watch a movie, then write more of my WIP.

sue laybourn said...

I plain forgot you had a blog, missus!

notenoughwords said...

Also not a lurker, but hi anyway! :)

Brit said...

I think you know me, but just in case . . ..

I'm Brit, I am in Texas, USA. I have a blog -

Oh, and I'm in an awesome writing group, perhaps you've heard of it? Four Corner's Writing Group?


Janna Qualman said...

I like to lurk, too, but I think we're connected here, on FB and Twitter, and at AW, too. :)

I'm in the States, the Midwest.