Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Empathy and kids - ruminations

Just bear with me here.

I'm working out a thought I had when emailing a writing buddy of mine today. We were talking about YA and inner dialogue/whatnot. I, of course, thought back to that time (it's not THAT long ago, people!) and tried to remember what I felt when I read different books.

I think the books that I read and enjoyed taught me empathy, more than anything. Putting myself into the book, into the situation, being betrayed/happy/sad right alongside that character, that was the feeling I was going for. To completely set myself and my own vague feelings aside, and react to authentic feelings in a book to characters.

To learn the feelings, so to say.

I still like those books the best. The ones that pull me in, require me to feel and react, and come away from them satisfied, no matter the outcome of the story. I think thats why the best recommended information for a writer is to feel and enjoy your story.

Because if you don't cry or laugh in the right places, how will anybody else?

What's your thoughts on this? Think I'm on the right track?


Merrilee said...

I know that the books I have kept from childhood for my own children are the ones that touched me the most.

Patti said...

I totally agree with you. The books that made me cry or laugh are my favorites.