Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Fighting challenges

Everybody has their thing they fight in their writing, their challenge.

The thing that holds them back, or raises them up. Because I do believe that how you fight your challenge determines how you're gonna make it. Presented with a problem, your challenge, and you roll over? This isn't...optimal.

But if you are presented with that problem, and you meet it, head on...unwilling to sit and whinge and say "I'm not good enough"...forgive the expression, but take that challenge by the b*lls and make *it* answer to *you*...well then, I think your chances are good at making this whole thing work.

Because there is nobody, anywhere, with a free ride. The piper always has to be paid.

My particular challenge is the deep fear that my writing is not good enough. I try to combat this challenge by writing varied, different things, looking for words in everything I see, and never.giving.up. No matter how much I want to at points.

You? What's yours?


Heidi the Hick said...

I think you and I face the same challenge.

Where we differ is focus: you have an admirable ability to keep at it but I sometimes just cannot get it together.

I'm working on that though.

Kerri said...

That is why I enjoy the world of puppy dogs and rainbows. It's a beautiful place brimming with confidence, the air is scented with honeysuckle, chocolate is calorie free and my writing is absolute perfection. Care to join me?

Alex Moore said...

good for you for facing your fears and cowboying up. meet the challenge head on, you say, and you're so right :)

me? well, it stems from a childhood disappointment: i wrote a short story that the teacher insisted we peer edit. My student partner insisted I change all the names of the characters. I did so, reluctantly, because I thought that's was peer edits were for (so wrong, was i!).

unfortunately, those names belonged to a popular cartoon that I had not seen (having grown up w/o a television) -- and the teacher (w/o reading my story) accused me of plagiarizing...

ever since, i've been uber careful and paranoid of even the appearance of evil... :) *le sigh*

Merrilee said...

Mine's the same. Fear that what I write sucks.

Keep fighting!

Patti said...

I really wonder if that fear will ever go away. What validation do I need in order to think I'm a good writer.