Monday, 31 August 2009

Your revisions process...

...I'm wantin' it.

So I finished my latest WIP, PoloGRRL (PG), this week. (insert BIG RELIEVED SIGH here) My agent is really looking forward to this one, although now it's come time to revise the MS I finished before starting this one (The Forester's Son - FS). (This one, PG, rather hit like a hammer, and I finished it in about three months).

The MS I'm preparing to revise (FS) is a dearly loved one of mine, though. Took a looong time to finish, mainly because it's one where the idea is better than my ability to bring it through in a first draft. It's going to take two or three or even four, which is a longer process than any book I've had up to now (as well as the recently finished MS.)

Which got me thinking about revision processes. Are you able to judge your first draft? For me, I know the most recent (PG) will take one revision, maybe two. The revelations and twists were there, all the time, and came at the appropriate moments during the writing process. But for the one I'm speaking of (FS) it has been an uphill struggle. And thus, will take longer.

But it's a much more complicated book, just generally all round...more. And I do think when I nail the eventual revisions, it will be a fantastic book.

It's just the starting that's hard.

And you? How are you with judging your revisions?


Heidi Willis said...

I think, like you, it changes book to book. I think the first book I wrote, which I haven't really revised, could use a good overhaul because it changed as I wrote it.

SKON came through as a whole book before I wrote it, so the edits, while they took a long time, were small things. (well - until the editor sends me notes...)

this new one... I think it's going to need to be rewritten a time or two also. But writing something, even if utter poo, is better than not writing at all, right? You can't fix what you haven't written.

So funny you say FS took so much time! If only I could write that fast!

pseudosu said...

I always think whatever I just finished is awesome, but always know it really isn't-- I just need time to take off my lurve goggles. Revisions for me are usually like complete rewrites almost by the time I'm finished.
I feel like it's almost a moving through time thing-- I get better the more I write, so the stuff that's in the past is always not quite up to snuff.
The best is yet to come??

Shelli said...

that why i lovemy agent - i know i always have someone who is as eager to read my stuff as I am

Patti said...

I agree with Heidi. Each book is different. Some ideas come easily and I'm able to visualize it so well that it just comes out. Others I struggle with the flow and what needs to be revealed when and how to balance all the characters. Those are books I know are going to need a lot of revision.