Friday, 25 September 2009

Baby edition: Day late, dollar short

Hello my darling readers.

Guess what? Loki is having a party in my belly *like right now* and I can feel it! Yup, over the weekend Seh-nyor Sprog let us know a) he/she really is in there and b) YO, let's get this party STARTED!


So what have we been up to?

- OMG have you guys had these DREAMS? Full technicolour dreams, not even just American Blockbuster style! The most recent (this morning) involved a mysterious tropical island -- off the coast of NORTHERN GERMANY (yeah right!) called Costa Cora, and then somehow my hubs saved the day against a gigantic Japanese-style godzilla alligator by shoving a coconut down its throat while I strangled it. Yeah. I mean, these dreams are EPIC. Insane!

- Food. Food. FOOD. I am always hungry, but lately somehow I don't know what I'm hungry for? And if I don't eat exactly what I don't know I'm craving, I'm hungry literally 5 minutes later for the thing I don't know what I'm craving. It is a little...odd. Not to mention the fact that I eat more now than hubs, who is this house's official 'leftover pig.' Not anymore, good fellow! That would be ah, me.

- Still tired, but this is my only major problem. The doctor says 'that's pregnancy' and I say bollocks! You can't be tired for nine months straight, right? RIGHT?

- Little Loki, we got to see you on ultrasound Wednesday night and you are a jerking, twitching rock-hard partying little thing. Lots and lots of pictures! We stared at the screen almost in tears, and we saw you turning around and using your little hands and stuff. I swear I laughed so hard the ultrasound wand came out when you picked your nose. GUESS WHO THAT IS LIKE, IT"S NOT MUMMY AND NOT THE CATS. You are daddy's little baby! No sucking of the thumb for you, my laddie!

It's so surreal to see it move and think Holy Crap on a piece of Toast its alive in there OMG. Still gets me. We have an appt in three weeks for the "money shot", please go along with it so I can start to get coloured clothes! HA!

- UTIs. UTIs? You can get these when you're pregnant? All I can say is, EW.

Whew. I'm so glad I'm doing this, I think. I think. HA!


Heidi Yantzi said...

Yeah I had a few nasties when I was pregnant too. It happens. And goes away!

Oh, the tired retreats a little too. You might have a burst of energy in a few months, before the little feller starts pressing on your lungs!

It's the ultimate good and bad experience. Lucky you!!!

Patti said...

Jen: The best part is when you're in the tub and you can see your belly move, like an alien is inside, only it's a child.

pseudosu said...

Alien is right. I'm super happy for you hon, but as a non-mom (nom nom?) the whole ting weirds me OUT.

Cool you can see him/her moving around in there. Play some Jack white for your next app. Maybe there'll be some impromptu air drumming or guitaring!

Merrilee said...

UTIs up the wahoo when I was preggers. It's the hormonal changes. Just chug down the water and you'll be right :) And prepare to look like a whale after all the eating *sigh*

But it does go away! Do not fear! Your body comes back :)

Erin Halm said...

Yeah Jen, UTIs are common. If you get one, get it treated though because the bacteria that causes them can be harmful to the wee one. So psyched you can feel him/her move now! The fun stuff is beginning. The alien thing is really strange, you see this giant ripple waving across your belly. Very funny. I had crazy dreams in super mega technicolor too. Mostly I dreamt about food though and then I would wake up drooling on my pillow. Glad all is going well.

marsh to the fore said...

Not having even come close to dealing with this in years other than with my daughter-in-law I just had to laugh!

I never got a chance to see my "wee ones" cavorting around in my belly. That is so amazing.

Waiting eagerly for next installment!