Thursday, 17 September 2009

Baby Edition!

Hey kid!

I've had a few ask exactly how you came to be called Loki-sprog. You might want to know someday, too.

Well as you know (or will I'm sure, I'll use it for guilt at some point!) we wanted you for a looong time before we finally lucked out. I mean, literally lucked out. My first month of NEW work in a NEW company with a NEW contract in a NEW city with a NEW get my drift? Lots new.

And then came you.

We were both convinced it was a trick. Even when we went to the dr and saw you, little nutterbutter, it was a trick (I'm sure your papa will think you're a trick until he holds you, heh. He still swears you're a videogame). And then when the doc said yeah, due date 1 April...we knew it.

I had a trickster in mah bellee. And what better name than the original trickster? So Loki it was.

Other news of note:

- I can't fit in my regular 'ole pants anymore!
- Hormones. OMG, hormones. Like, 20 minutes SOBBING in the bathroom about how the cat doesn't love me anymore. While said cat sat outside the door meowing to come in to me. Yeah. Hormones.
- My belly feels like it's everywhere. And I think there's probably more to come. Kraut kraut kraut kid! It's getting all krauted in there! (I can't believe I just used that joke on my body and Loki. Yeah, I went there.)


Merrilee said...

Hahaha! Oh I hope you are keeping these for when he/she is older.

And yay hormones. Wait until you see some tiny baby booties in a shop and burst into tears. Ah, pregnancy :)

JKB said...

No worries, I'll be keeping them. Total guilt trip! HA!

Heidi Willis said...

I love the name! I love these stories. What a lucky child to come into this world with parents who wanted it so much, and have such a great sense of humor!