Wednesday, 16 September 2009


I dunno if it's just because I live in Germany (and, ergo, there are more grumpy people here), or if it's coming winter and the lack of vitamin D is affecting people, but I don't think so. Lately, in every area of my life (it seems) I'm running into...grousing.

You know the point I mean. "Oh, this and this isn't right. This isn't right. Waaah waaaah wahhh. I didn't get this done. I didn't get this thing I wanted. My life is crap.

Well, somebody better call you a waaaaah-mbulance, by god.

*pulls b*tch-slapping gloves on*

I'm sorry, but your life is not crap.

You are healthy.
You have your family - either by blood or the ones you chose.
You have a roof over your head.
You have food.
You have water.
You have some money to take care of things.
You are ALIVE. ALIVE!!

You know what? Everything above that is a freakin' bonus. So you're not done with your book yet. That just means when you are you have finished that book at YOUR OPTIMAL TIME. So your life is just utter shite. Take a realistic look at yourself before you go blaming others!

You're getting done what you want to do. All life is, for the most part, a choice. So pull on your big girl (or boy) panties, decide what you want, and by all the gods that are holy to you and me, go out there and get it, human! According to some, you only have one lifetime to grab the bull by the horns, so by golly, DO IT!

Then come back here and REPORT!


Here's mine. I'm super tired by the Loki sprog, super tired. All the time. I use that as an excuse sometimes to do nothing, which gets me nowhere, then I grouse and am p*ssed. I realized last night that I hate that. I hate that grousing feeling, like the world owes me something. (All the world owes me is a book contract, LOL!) So my solution is to NOT SIT DOWN until I have everything done I want to do in the house. I've tried the last couple days and tho now when I finally really sit down I am SUPER tired, but I also got shiz done. (Like 15 chapters edited as of last night! Whohoo!) It was hard to determine that the world didn't owe me, but it worked. And maybe it only works for me.


Kerri said...

I have to give myself a good a** kick every few months. Same reasons, life is too hard, when will it get easier, why can't I have that, whinge/whinge/whinge. I think it's okay to have a five minute pity party, but then it's time to get over yourself, appreciate what you DO have and try and enjoy this fleeting life.

JKB said...

Well, your *ss kick idea certainly worked for me (I got it off you). And I love the occassional pity party, but not when you allow them to take over your life.

I am really, truly thankful for everything I have in this world, and that includes YOU and ALL my blog readers! I <3 you ALL!!

Tess said...

It took me a few clicks to find you over here -- you have a few blogs going, busy girl!

And, you said it just like I wanted to say it (you have more courage than I, perhaps)

We choose to see our blessings or grouse over the tedious. We choose.

And, when we choose the former, we give ourselves a gift.

JKB said...

*wiggles eyebrows mysteriously*

Aw Tess, I just have my finger in many pies. I like all the tastes. :-)

And I really liked yours. I thought we wrote a similar post today...your pictures were far, far prettier.


Heidi Willis said...

Amen!! The grousing really gets to me sometimes. I guess it's okay when it's a person who normally is up beat. We all have our bad days. But the continuous grumbling and complaining makes me want to yell, "Well do something about it then!"

I will say, though, that pregnancy is temporary, and growing a person inside you is exhausting. The little guy (or gal) is sucking every last nutritional and energy tidbit you have. So if you need to sleep... well, sleep. You aren't lazy. You're depleted.

Patti said...

I agree with Kerri, every now and again I get on a real self pity kick. The kind where you say. "I'm utter crap at this, I might as well not try."

Then I pick myself up and remember I just need to keep trying.

BTW: I don't think nesting happens until the end of your pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

I love your attitude :) But just remember, Loki-baby WILL make you tired. Try to rest when your body tells you too. :)