Wednesday, 30 September 2009

I love beta readers!

I love them. That is all.

And I love critique groups. They make me happy, because if they are picky and not just pandering, they are really, really helpful.

I love my book. This is a relief, because for awhile I was pretty afraid I didn't like it at all, and worse, that it was bollocks. But it is not! And I am happy!

I love my new idea too. It sneaks in through the cracks, and gets me excited to finish the two (TWO!!) before it, so I can get started on it. I don't love the fact I have no title, yet, but at least I know how it's gonna start!

And I love pizza. I love it A LOT.



Benjamin Stürmer said...

Pizza is, I think we all agree, super awesome. Thought I'd mention, in case you need futher beta readers, that I love young-adult fiction and would be more than happy to go at yours with my Red Pen o'Death. Alternately, if red freaks you out, I could use Bob, the Green Marker of Friendly Suggestions.

ChristaCarol said...


Patti said...

I love chocolate and peanut butter but not necessarily together. How weird is that. I also love feedback from beta readers. It's almost addicting.