Tuesday, 1 September 2009

I'm just peachy!

...but I still keep waiting for the boom to fall.

You guys ever get that feeling? Now that I'm not feeling sick, I rode my bike to work today (thus being able to pick up my favourite cinnamon scones on the way, TOTAL SCORE) and I have CH1 revised with half of CH2. I know where I'm going with this book. It makes me so happy to read back through it and think, "well, this wasn't total bollocks then! Hooray!"

And Berlin! City of a thousand sun rays, it's so wonderful and I love it! And my room! I love that! And my kittehs! I love one of them! (J/K Bluesey, but if you don't stop frickin' meowing at 5 am we're gonna have a "come to Jesus" meeting) And my hubsie! You all know how I feel about him! :-) And the Loki sprog, he/she's not making me sick anymore! DUDE! That ROCKS!

Nothing like six weeks of puke and all-day motion sickness to make me happy to be alive! All right!

So now that I have my (perhaps nauseating, perhaps not) cheery out of the way, how about you? How YOU doin'?

Next up: finishing CH 2, then going on to...wait for it...CH 3. I know, I'm such a rebel.

*cheery cheery cheery!!*


Heidi Willis said...

I love when you are so cheery cheery cheery!!

yay for all those great things in your life right now... especially the not puking thing. Nothing like being sick to make you realize how great healthy feels!

I finished my author bio!! Yay! Who knew three sentences would be so hard to write? Later? I'm going to write. On my new book.

I know... don't pass out.

Patti said...

Good lesson at always looking for the positive.

Merrilee said...

I love this phase.

Ride the hormone wave, baby!! Enjoy every second :)

marsh to the fore said...

I like it when you're cheery! How about that--riding a bicycle! You must be feeling better!

When oh when are we going to see the books? Even a page or two would do.

Anonymous said...
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