Monday, 21 September 2009

Oh internet, rotting cesspool of filth -

- I love you so.

You're not helping me right now, though...which is why I went on a blackout over the weekend. Not only did I get a mad amount of editing done, I spent time with my darlin' (and the Dynamic Cat Duo) and got to the museum! Total win!

I now see what people do when they are not internet addicts.

The plan for this week? Check out the sprog on video-cam, get some more editing done, send what I've got to me preliminary beta readers, and hopefully get through the first pass this week. And beta a CP's new MS. So...busy busy!

And you? What's up on your week?


Janna Qualman said...

Writing, writing, and oh yes, I think there's some writing to be done. *grin*

Go you! There are some days I have other stuff to keep my busy, and I don't miss the internet. But other days I can' it. Sad. But oh so true.

Shelli said...

writing, catching up on blogs :)

Heidi Willis said...

oh evil, evil internet addiction... i am so impressed how strong you were. I thought I did well by only checking email at night when we were on vacation. 24 hours might just kill me.

I did have company this weekend so I didn't do much computer anything...including writing stuff. But this week I plan on writing. Only more than last week. :)