Tuesday, 22 September 2009


So tonight is revision night. Isn't that great?

I am a big bundle of want. Want Want Want.

I'm moving right along, although I want to jump ahead of myself. I want PG done, so I can revise FS. I want betas and crit group to read PG, so I can finish it. I want to get it to The Agent. I want to revise FS. I want that one critted and betad. I want that one to go to The Agent.

And I want to start my new book.


I know. But I do. And it's such a fun premise. Really makes me excited. (But then again, doesn't every new idea get me excited? Heh. I am an excitement over new ideas whore).

The nice thing is that by the time I actually start that new idea, I'll be in the good habit of writing/editing every night (or so), and it would move along like the wind. Right? RIGHT?

That is, if I manage to get these books revised before the baby is here.



marsh to the fore said...

Oh yeah, that last line is going to be tough because there's so much to do yet.

Yes or no:

Crib in place?

Or Bassinet?

Changing table?


You will absolutely love it!

And knowing you, you'll have that baby in a sling and do it all!

Heidi Willis said...

I was reading the other day about how James Patterson isn't so much an author as a book machine. He's got this whole process unlike the traditional kind (you know - the writer writes book, writer edits book, writer sells book...)

I think you should do sort of the same (only with higher quality). Hire yourself a revisor. That way you write write write and then give pages of notes to the revisor who can revise while you write the next one.

Okay - so I'm just kidding. Because who could revise your books as well as you? On the other hand, one might work cheaper than a nanny...

Heidi the Hick said...

I'm not worried about you because you thrive on that kind of excitement. Just remember when Loki arrives: take the time to sleep!!! The ideas can all be written down in a notebook and get turned into stories when your time settles in. And you'll always have more!!

Erin Halm said...

Yes Jen, get it done before the baby comes. Then you´ll be in a whole different category of want, like I WANT TO SLEEP, I WANT MY BOOBS BACK, this list of wants goes on....