Monday, 7 September 2009

Writerly tools

I have a computer ... a white Mac laptop, named Gunther (in jest by my husband, but it stuck). On that computer I keep records of all my ideas, my three finished MS, and smatterings of others.

I am an incredible jackdaw-collector of beautifully bound small notebooks. Empty notebooks. With lined paper. I love writing/thinking/drawing in them, expanding and contracting things for ideas.

I have a blue leather pouch where I keep my favourite writing pens (all one type, only black, kthx!) with my 2 drawing pencils and extra leads, as well as my favourite eraser. And I have a favourite drawing pad that I use when the creative urge takes me there.

For everything except my notebooks, I have one favourite of them all. Sort of like the ring...from LOTR. And I use that favourite until it's all used up. These are my tools.

What are yours?

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Patti said...

I have a desktop Mac, but I have no names for it. I have a million coil notebooks and a certain Bic blue fine pen that I have a hard time finding.