Thursday, 15 October 2009

Baby Edition: We Know you, precious!

And here we are, another exciting installation of the Baby Book online for Loki!

Little Loki. Now that we know who you are (or should I say what you are?) things have suddenly become so much more ... real. As in, really real. It's so odd that one little sentence, and one little picture, can change an entire world of thinking.

And it's SO CUTE how your papa is reacting. He was really shocked, and it took awhile for it to settle in. But now he's doing good with it, and he's so excited. I can't wait til you're out!

And of course NOW we (as in I) start to look for baby clothes. And baby stuff. And there is *so much* out there. *whimper* But I shall perservere!

It's hard to believe now you're getting so old. In four weeks we're halfway through! And I think maybe around then your papa will be able to feel you too (at least the information I've found online seems to say so, but you are a precocious thing) and that will probably put him out a couple days too. :-)

Each new step he needs a couple days to process.

But we're happy you're here! And I'm happy I can talk to you now with your name! You'll come out knowing it, I'm certain!

Now. Off to find more baby clothes...


ChristaCarol said...

Oh, I remember those days! Cherish them! They're easy to forget. It's great you're keeping a journal. Life will never be the same again once Loki is here, in a good way and a different way. You change, the world changes, hubby changes, but you adjust, and the most amazing part is the miracle, that little baby, and how he/she looks a little like you, a little like him, and is there, breathing in your arms. The BEST feeling ever.

Heidi Willis said...

An amazing time!! I remember the "becoming real' moments. I think it became really real to my husband when he could see the heel and elbow literally sticking out of my stomach, and the way they would move across from one side to the other as the baby rolled. Talk about feeling alienish!!

The clothes are the best! (Well, not the best, but very fun!!). I still look at them wistfully. Size 14 isn't nearly so fun to buy!