Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Day the Giants Came to Town...

...for German Reunification Day.

Altho hubs was not *sooo* interested, I was immediately captivated when I ran across this in the local English paper. I knew I had to see it...gigantic metal dolls! An undersea diver, and a little girl giant!

They'd be travelling all through Berlin, starting out alone and meeting up, which was meant to symbolise (by a French Theatre Company, no less, but we'll ignore that bit, hmm?) the meeting of the East and West parts of Germany.

Here are some nifty pics as well.

So anyway, we got all dressed on Sunday and went out to watch. These things were so freakin' neat. I mean, if they didn't have the cranes *and maybe even that they did* it was so ... steampunk. And the little girl just freaked me out.

So of course I brought my camera. And hubs used his mad skillz to put together the footage into this. How freakin' cool is this, right? I could totally see it coming into a story one day. Which was why I had to go.

Research, you know. (It's my major excuse for everything. Even eating ice cream.)

Regardez-vous! May I present "Die Riesen" (The Giants)


Merrilee said...

WOW! That is completely creepy and very very cool!

Kerri said...

That rocks!

Heidi Willis said...

Okay - my memories of Germany aren't ANYTHING like this!!!

That was totally weird.... in that can't-turn-your-eyes-away kind of way.

(And hey - who let the French in??)

Patti said...

Who thinks these things up, and better yet who pays for it. It's totally weird in a fascinating sort of way.

pseudosu said...

Very cool, and kind of creepy. First impression was "Cirque du soliel!" No wonder the French were involved. Weird she has "wardrobe changes."