Monday, 12 October 2009

Long and drawn out.

That has been the name of the game for this title. The title of my new WIP, that is.

Normally I know three things when I begin a book: The first sentence, the basics of the plot, and the title. And when I say normally I do mean all of the books I've ever written. Even when I was five. (And Rabbit, Where is the Moon? is a LOVELY title when you're five!!)

While I have finished revisions on PG and sent off to beta readers (well within my timeframe still!) and begin to contemplate the revisions for FS, the title of the new book has eluded me. Not so the plot, or the characters...wherever I'm at, whatever I'm doing they're there, standing silently or walking past the corner of my eyesight. It's rather like being haunted, really.

But I digress.


So yesterday morning on the way to work I was desperately thinking...what do I call this book? Because I cannot begin it before I have a title! At this point, I was even willing to settle for some so-called "working title" (and yes, I know editors change the titles and hey, if they buy my book we can go that route but I need something I like for right now. Or, starting November).

Once I got to work (oh, the beauty of being at work! And I can't believe I just said that) I was sufficiently busy to not worry/obsess about it any more.

And that's when it happened.

A major plot point exploded in front of my eyes in a burst of rainbow coloured and puppy-dog breath scented sparks. Voila! And then ....

... and then ...

... my Title came to me. And it's possible that this is the Coolest Title I've ever had, and I've had some good ones (she says, modestly). My only concern is whether it's too witty or not (as it's a direct play on said plot line and normal mystery tropes), but hey, I live dangerously around here.


Say hello to my newest endeavor (beginning in November, and yes, I'm doing NaNo just so I can meet some other Berlin peeps, but if you're doing it too add me as a writing buddy - I'm jaekaebee there) :::

Panic at the Dog Show: A Florence & Bo Mystery

(Extra huge bonus points and german chocolate for those that figure out the reference).

And you? What comes to you first about a new WIP? What must you have to start it?

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Heidi Willis said...

Very cool title!!! Reminds me of the music group Panic at the Disco. :)

Can't wait to hear all about it! And to hear DEC 1 that you've finished YET ANOTHER manuscript!