Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Monkey wrenches

I gotz dem!

Well, not really. Due to some kind of cool news and the fact that I'm cooking a baby, I don't actually know how INSANE I shall go for PDS in November. There's something that I need to do first, that will require some time, and well, I have to do that first.

But I'll still be NaNoing SOMEWHAT, just not at the frantic pace I had been planning to do.

So. What have I done for PDS lately?

- First four chapters outlined.
- All human characters named.

Go me!

What's next? I want to draw a plot line and put in my clues. I still need to list my clues. So I suppose that this will be next. These mysteries, they're so TRICKSY!

I can't guarantee it'll be today, though.

AND I need a pumpkin. I need a pumpkin! To carve! For Halloween!



Patti said...

I need to pick up pumpkins as well. Sounds like you're prepared for the writing marathon.

Heidi Willis said...

You keep alluding to good new....spill it girl!!

Pumpkins? I'm so proud to say that for the first time in practically ever, we have three pumpkins (one for each kiddo) and they are all carved!!

Now I must go munch on roasted pumpkin seeds and get motivated by your awesomeness...