Monday, 26 October 2009


...for this week.

Okay. I've got six days left of this week plus what is left of this evening once I get home and settled.

That ain't a lot.

But while I wait for feedback on PoloGRRL from The Wonder Agent, I'm planning the NaNo book (which coincidentally is my next book, PDS as it will be known here) and I want to work on Forester's son too.

So here is what I need to accomplish this week:

1. List of characters and names for PDS (this is a little complicated, only in that I want the dogs' registered names to be plays on famous dogs of that type. And I need to make sure all my quiet quips, as I'm calling them, make sense and are relevant to the breed in question.

2. Write a short list of the first few scenes. Since I'll be doing this in two POVs (I know, shoot me) I want to have a clear view going in of each chapter. It's gonna be fun! *whimper*

3 I think what might actually help me edit FS is to read the whole thing through, then make a list of the chapters + what should occur in each. As well as make a list of things I want to happen in the book. And then try to rectify them.

I swear, this is the most irritating book, but I can't quit it.

Since I have a new book group as well as a knitting class, I think I need to settle for all this. I'm gonna check in each day and get ready for NaNo that way, because I'll be updating here daily my word count too.

I really want to try and succeed at this 50k in a month. For me, that's practically my book!

And you? Will you be in NaNo?


ChristaCarol said...

Totally trying NaNo this year, but not shooting for the 50K goal, more like 28K, simply cause I know unless I ignore my family and fail my classes in school, it isn't a realistic goal. And frankly, I love my family, and don't want to fail school, so yeah :P

Kerri said...

I shall live through you and cheer you on! *pom poms waving*

amybai said...

*jealous jealous*

I shall have to live vicariously too: somehow I'm always in the middle of something else when NaNo comes around. Pout. Snarl. Whinge.

Good luck! Sounds like you've got it all planned. :)

Patti said...

I think I'll still be editing. I was hoping to be done so I could try it. Maybe next year.

marsh to the fore said...

I love how you got this whole thing planned and knowing you, you'll do it!