Monday, 5 October 2009

Revisions on my mind...

...I could almost put it to a country song.

So editing is coming right along! And I've gone and done a horrible thing, (perhaps).

I've emailed The Wonder Agent that I'll have her the completed (revised, betad) MS on Wednesday the 21st of October. It's tight, but I think I can do it. I need a cutoff date for this book.

There's a time where fidgeting and fidgeting over the same words becomes sort of useless, and I believe I'm slowly reaching that point. My goal is to have zero (0) misspelling errors, accurate punctuation (for sometimes I am a bit heavy with commas) and a cohesive, lovely narrative. Thanks to the eagle eyes of my beta readers, everything is falling into place.

This weekend and next will be completely devoted to lovely said MS, and during the week as well. I've finally cut and added the major chunks I needed to, and now it's just down to final polishing and critting.

So that's where I am in this crazy process. I know some of you in a post some time back told me how you're doing on yours. Where are you at now? Have you gone forward? Are you setting yourself a time frame, or just rollin'?


ChristaCarol said...

Sounds like a good plan! I'd love to have agent revisions for my current ms :P My WIP is moving at a snails pace....I'm hoping NaNoWriMo will motivate me to get going. I've done lots of outlining, char dev and plotting, it's just getting rolling that's the problem. I've written 3 pages!

Janna Qualman said...

Excellent! Go you.

I'm still rolling along, minding my pace.

Patti said...

I get my book back from a beta reader on Tuesday and will give myself two weeks to complete changes and start submitting by October 26th.

Heidi Willis said...

That's awesome! I think deadlines are a good thing. They keep us focused and help us from wandering off into
"this will never be good enough" land.

I'm so excited for you!! It's going to happen soon for you!!

(word verification: water. How come this is the only blog I ever get real words on??)