Thursday, 19 November 2009

BABY edition: I'm back.

Last week was rough. I always knew in theory that if you were sick and pregnant you weren't getting any medications, but I had it tried and tested last week. With a double ear infection and strep throat, my friends, this was not a pretty week. BUT. I am better. And very glad I live when I do, so that when I'm not pregnant, I can have medicine!

Little Loki, you are ever more waking me up. 5 am seems to be your optimal time. And I don't know how you do it, but you've got the cats waking up at the same time and insisting to be fed. How do they insist? By walking around on my head. (Well, and the one miaows fit to kill.)

I do not like this.

But it is very effective, their little trick, and gets me up like nothing else. I used to be able to fall back asleep, but not anymore. So I have the handy iPod touch and surf/check emails/twitter in this early time. While you practice your nunchuck throwing in my belly.

I have found a perfect coming home outfit for you, I think! It's not so easy, you know. (I know you're still in there for a bit, but every new day is one day less! Have patience, young grasshopper!) Anyway, it perfectly matches your "Pippi Longstocking Crack Den" style. They just need to get it in by the time you decide you want out. I've tagged it, and am watching like a hawk.

You don't just need to wear a standard BOY or GIRL colour, either. All colours are cool, and stripes particularly are on my favourite "little Lokis wear this!" list. And it is. It is perfect.

I woke up last Sunday and your papa said, "WOW!" I guess you decided to grow a lot. Because now the belly is really starting to show and it is an odd feeling, how all my muscles grow soft and
my back bends, and HURTS, and my legs swell (but only a little bit!). All my energy is sapped for you. I don't know where these people get off saying I'll have more energy during the second trimester. This is bollocks.

You need to get strong enough to be felt from the outside, though, as easily as I feel you on the inside. Your papa is pretty into the idea of being able to feel you move too.

And now a question for all you mums out there: is it true that I can only sleep on the left side? And not the back? Or the right side? Because I read that somewhere, have been trying to do it and let me tell you. Sleeping is BORING NOW.


But it's all I seem to do.


Heidi Willis said...

I love these posts!!

All colors are good! When the girls were born I stopped doing laundry in whites and colors and started doing whites and pinks and colors. (It was all the gifts. After having a boy, everyone wanted to make sure the girls weren't wearing alligator hand-me-downs). We got out of that phase quickly!!

As for sleep - I think whatever way that helps you sleep!! I heard the no-sleeping on your back thing, too, but I didn't take much stock in it. Truthfully, though, you won't be able to sleep on your back much longer because the baby will make it feel like it weighs a million pounds and it will hurt. I do remember making a point of not sleeping on my back, and then waking up on my back every morning. :)

The side thing...hmm. I hadn't heard of that. My last month I was supposed to (and did) only sleep on one side because it kept my blood pressure down (pre-eclampsia), but I hadn't heard you should do it for any other reason than that.

Merrilee said...

You can sleep however you want, BUT, towards the end it has been recommended not sleeping on your back, because the weight of the foestus can press on a blood vessel (can't remember which one) and cause blackouts.

In my case, sleeping on my back was just too damned uncomfortable. So for the last 4 months, I would roll from side to side, like a beached whale :)

Yaya' s Changing World said...

But Merrilee,
If you sleep on your back and it causes you to black out, will you know? :-)

I slept on my stomach all the way through with all of mine. 'Cours, I also built a big nest of pillows to cushion the baby's little bummies, too. Very comfortable, actually. ~ Yaya

Yaya's Changing World

Merrilee said...

All the OB peoplein my 3rd tri were paranoid about it. "Don't lie down, let me get you some pillows - you could black out!" And I kept thinking, "I dunno, I could really do with a nap..."